Fabulous 30

  • Main Cast:
    Patchrapa Chaichua, Peter corp Dyrendal, Phupoom Phongpanu
  • Director:
    Nattawut Kittikhun
  • Rating:
    (Some Sexual References)
  • Genre:
    Comedy, Romance
  • Release Date:
  • A-Da`s Ratings:
With more and more highly educated and eligible women having trouble finding their Mr. Right, this movie proposes that when you are 30 and fabulous, love will find its way to you. The only catch is that Patcharapa Chaichue who plays the protagonist has a fabulously flawless face that looks more like a teenage girl than a 30-year-old, so no wonder she can attract a 23-year-old cute guy. For the rest of us, this movie just seems too fairytale to be true. But oh well, no one is ever too old for fairytales, right?

As Ja blew the candles on the cake for her 31st birthday, the light in the room brightens up unexpectedly A good-looking young man standing by her door.

Por a 24-year old Petroleum Engineer to-be, has travelled to Bangkok to attend the basic training for his job. That night, he follows his friend, Zen to an unknown part. Pors heart beats like a drum as he met Ja, a woman he fell in love with 7 years ago.

Por told himself that he will never let her disappear again and is determined to win her love within the three months he has in Bangkok.