• Main Cast:
    Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, Focus Jeerakul, Iirah Wimonchailerk, Kanklao Duaysianklao, Peter Knight, Ray Macdonald, Shahkrit Yamnarm
  • Director:
    Issara Nadee, Kirati Nakintanon, Patchanon Thumajira
  • Rating:
    (Some Mature Content and Violence)
  • Genre:
  • Release Date:
  • A-Da`s Ratings:
Thai directors have managed to carve out a reputation for themselves as producers of seriously scary horror movies, the same goes for this film that comprises of three separate short stories from established Thai directors. Innovative plots coupled with succinct storylines makes this movie a worthy watch for all you horror movies fans out there.

Thailand’s latest horror is made up of three chilling and stomach-churning stories... ghosts, demons and vengeful spirits are all out to haunt at 3AM, the scariest hour of the night

In a wig shop crammed with lifeless heads of dolls, something turns out to be not really lifeless…

Mint and May are sisters from a wig-making family, the two can’t get along but were made to man the shop while their parents went out of town. Their nightmare came alive when May unknowingly acquired hair of a dead person….

In a stranger’s house with a dark history, two corpses lie peacefully, side by side…

Tos is assigned to take care of Mike and Cherry - a couple killed in an accident just before their wedding. Their parents decide to keep their corpses, as the couple loved each other so much – and their parents still treating them as if they were still alive. With Tos spending all his time with the corpses, he soon falls in love with the dead, but beautiful Cherry… what will this twisted love leads too?

In the middle of the night, the office is as deserted as a graveyard, strange things happen…

Karan and Tee are owners of a company whose office is in building rumoured to be haunted. The two aren’t scared, and actually enjoyed playing pranks on their staff who work late at night. But soon, the pranksters are no longer certain if the strange things that happened in the office are their game – or someone else’s…